Randy's Ramblings

Friday, October 24, 2003

Get a Life!
I was talking with my wife tonight on our way home from a banquet for her work and we were commenting on what a great community we live in. I made the comment that I'd like to get more involved in the community - I feel like my entire life is the church.
When you are employed by the church, it is very easy to spend all of your time and energy with the church and with other Christians. I have nothing against Christians, but I need to spend some time with others, too! How many times have I told students that they need to share their faith - and I have hardly any relationships outside of church and family!
My goal for the coming weeks - to get a life!!

Sunday, October 12, 2003

Finally, A New Post!
Busy, busy, busy... of course, that's not the only reason I haven't posted. Each time I log on and say to myself, "Self, you really need to update that blog." I find my self answering, "Self, you don't have anything to say today."
So I haven't had a lot of time, and I haven't had a lot to say. Maybe you've enjoyed the break! Although I've heard that the moving numbers are annoying...
Let me share a few things that are going on in my world:
  • We're having a baby! (April 2004)
  • I'm starting a little side business: Bennett's Bytes
  • Our student ministry is experiencing some pretty amazing worship
  • I got tired of packing my 6'10" frame into a Chevy Cavalier, so I sold it - now I'm looking for a big truck...

That's all for now!