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Friday, July 15, 2005

Messy Ministry, One Life at a Time...
I've come to realize as I reflect on my past 8 years of ministry that the areas where I have focused my energy haven't lined up with the areas where I've seen the most fruit.

Let me explain: The majority of my energy in ministry has gone towards building programs and events to impact a number of people (hopefully a large number). I set up worship experiences, Bible and book studies, mission trips, beach parties and other special events, all hoping to draw the big crowd and to have be greatest impact on the most possible students.

But the area where I've seen the most fruit over the past few years has been in those relationships where I've invested a lot of individual attention. Unfortunately, I didn't invest in more of those relationships.

I remember a student that I met in the high school cafeteria. He was a bit of a social outcast, was abused and living with a foster family. We spent a lot of time together eating lunch, going to movies and hanging out at my house. That was about four and a half years ago. Now he's a member of a church, holding down a good full-time job and looking for an apartment.

There was another student that I met while he was working on his G.E.D. He had gone to church as a kid, but drugs and a lot of scrapes with the local sheriff's department had brought him a long way down another path. We spent time reading the Bible together and just hanging out. Now he's going to college and hoping to enter the ministry.

God gets all the credit for the change in these guys' lives. It's just cool that He let me get in on the game. I wish I would have spent more of my energy over the past eight years on these types of relationships and less time and energy building programs and events...


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